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Romeo One One Alpha. Hilltop fortress and watchtower, Sugarloaf Hill, Sturgan Brae, Camlough, South Armagh, Northern Ireland, UK.

Golf and Romeo watchtowers forming part of the British Army's defensive strategy to control the landscape and people of Northern Ireland. The main route to castles in the north was through the Gap of the North and much of the land either side was either bog or wood in contrast to the arable farms of the Norman manors lying in the Country Louth lowlands to the south. Faughart Hill, commanded entry to the Gap and according to tradition, Cuchulainn had slain 14 men there and the hill had been known thereafter as Focerd or the ‘the Good Art’ of killing. Edward the Bruce, brother of Robert, and the last pretender to the Irish kingship, was buried on the hill after he was killed by the forces of Sir John de Birmingham at the battle of Faughart in 1318. In may 1999, the graveyard at Faughart was chosen by the IRA as the place to give up the first bodies of ‘the Disappeared’. A new coffin containing the remains of Eamon Molloy, an alleged informer from Belfast who had been shot dead 24 years earlier, was left underneath a holy laurel tree, adorned with religious charms, beside St Brigids Well.