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Girdwood British Army Barracks. Cliftonpark Avenue, Cliftonville, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK.

The 'Tour of the North parade' (a Protestant Orangemen march) had led to an increase in communal tension in the Clifton Park Avenue area, but much of the anger had been directed towards the behaviour of the police over what was felt to be their heavy-handed approach to the protest, rather than towards the neighbouring Protestant communities. For some people this simmering resentment meant that people in the area were already on edge, and when controversy arose over the Drumcree church parade it quickly erupted into violence.

'It created a lot if ill-feeling, a lot of hatred within a community that was relatively peaceful. We have our own troubles which are more social troubles, but whenever that Clifton Park Avenue incident happened it created tension within the community which brought the kids out onto the streets to riot on Clifton Park Avenue after Drumcree and after the marches, it led on to communities getting burned or people getting burned out of the flats in Clifton Park Avenue.'

(Cliftonville resident).